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Established since 1995 to help companies manage their communications across existing and emerging channels. We create great solutions that are impactful, interesting and cost effective without complications.

services : strategy and planning

Strategy and Planning

33Hz offers a service for companies planning to implement web based and IT projects delivering our experience and expertise into their team. We focus on the clients business requirements and aim to deliver tangible business benefits from exploiting new and emerging technology and gain real competitive advantage from its use.

Having worked in the internet and digital media industry for over 20 years we identified a need common to all of our clients. How can companies plan for, buy, manage and evaluate corporate new media projects in the most effective and efficient way.

For most organisations these projects are undertaken on an infrequent basis, and we became aware that most clients appreciate independent expertise to guide them through the process. Those organisations that implement digital media projects more frequently tend to have internal expertise, however there is often a need for external guidance in specific areas. We have a strong technical team and are able develop innovative and robust solutions quickly, efficiently and delivered to budget.

We believe the most effective solutions come from working together through a shared understanding of the business and communications issues, your brands and services, the distribution model and your clients needs.