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Social Network Marketing

Social media networks are fast becoming an integral part of an organisations marketing strategy and those companies that recognise that continual optimisation of their networks is what gets them business, reap the rewards.

There seems to be a misconception that social network marketing is about just simply reaching a mass audience, but truly successful marketing in this arena is about building personal relationships. If you think about it, its obvious, most social networks were designed to connect people with common interests.

Websites are fast becoming a secondary point of communication, not to say they're losing their importance but most online traffic is now being driven to social network platforms first of all and then onto the Website if more detailed information is required. Social Network Marketing (SNM) is a means of promoting a company or individual by using online tools such as Twitter, FaceBook and Blogs to add interesting content to attract or 'hook' the user to want to learn more about you or your company. If you're successful they follow you, like you and stay with you.

A Website is becoming a hub linked to satellite online tools that act as "attractors" to help retain interest and drive customers or interested parties to your Website. We assist companies with this transition and advise on how to maximise on the true value of these tools. They are constantly changing and evolving. It's our responsibility to monitor SNM trends and share the learned knowledge with our customers.