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useful tools - smsradar


  • easy to use
  • multiple distribution lists
  • monitor spend
  • update credits easily
  • quick to set up
  • monitor all messages
  • monitor campaigns
  • any business sector

smsradar : Online sms Marketing Tool

smsradar is a new way of communicating to a mass audience using a combination of tried and tested technologies. smsradar have developed a platform where these technologies are joined joined together to form an extremely powerful communication service that can be applied to many business sectors across the globe.

smsradar has been developed to help a wide and diverse range of businesses, services, clubs and education establishments to communicate with mass audiences where speed, efficiency and cost are paramount.

This browser based solution removes the need to invest in expensive applications whilst maintaining a secure environment to publish your contacts data.

Data can added to the system with ease by adding contacts individually, copying and pasting direct from excel spread sheet data or uploading a locally stored .csv file from your computer.

smsradar is the ideal communication tool for any organisation that has a need to contact multiple recipients simultaneously on a regular basis.