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useful tools - centrestage


  • easy to use
  • supports most media
  • presentations in minutes
  • update after publishing
  • 16:9 widescreen format
  • online library
  • share with groups
  • export presentations
  • smartphone app - soon

CentreStage : Presentation Made Easy

When it comes to presenting we've all had the PowerPoint experience, either preparing a presentation or being subjected to a long winded death by PowerPoint scenario. It's rare to experience a great presentation and invariably the best presentations are without the aide of speaker support materials. Not all of us are that good!

Most of our presentations are mainly aimed at new business development or assisting with training and induction. We like to be able to pull together a collection of files and media and create a slick looking presentation without too much effort, that's why we use CentreStage.

It's an application developed by creatives who understand user interface design. It's easy to use, intuitive and very powerful if you require the additional functionality to share, maintain and manage your presentations. One generic presentation can be created and shared with a user group via dedicated online access.

Avoid death by PowerPoint and start using CentreStage to create great presentations that help to keep your audience engaged.