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useful tools - 33hz extranet


  • create users
  • manage multiple file types
  • manage users
  • manage finacial data
  • email notification
  • schedule appointments
  • monitor correspondence
  • marketing materials
  • sms notification

33Hz Creative Services : Extranet "Cloud" Solution

Over the years we have worked with many organisations who create a diverse range of documents, files and various media types. Having contributed to their communications content we realised that the filing and maintenance of this digital knowledge was being overlooked and to some extent ignored.

Our own internal project management skills lead to the development of a set of online and offline tools to assist customers with their day to day file management and data storage.

The Extranet is supplied as two parts. The administration tool, for uploading and distributing a vast array of content and file types and the viewer which is a 'cloud' based tool for users to view content pertinent to their organisation or group. The administration tool has inbuilt intelligence to differentiate who the client / customer is and where the file type being uploaded should be remotely stored.

Although this all sounds complicated the Extranet is an extremely easy to use tool and can be customised to suit any customers requirements.