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interactive sales presenter - apple computing inc.

what we delivered

  • creative strategy
  • video production
  • video editing
  • audio encoding
  • video encoding
  • interactive prgramming

Apple : Interactive Sales Presenter

Back in1995 "state of the art" was being applied to anything that came out of Sony, Quantel or Microsoft. Apple thought the time was right to release one of the first all in one computers packed with all the multimedia requirements you could wish for at the time with a "state of the art" sales pitch.

These machines we're being sold to consumers up and down the UK and our task was to create a self running sales promotion that ran on the display. Because video was one of the heavily promoted features we created a series of video modules that described the differences between the MAC and the PC with humour.

Actors were shot against blue screen and re-composited into computer generated scenery created on a MAC. The whole video sequence was also edited and encoded on a MAC along with the interactive application that the user could play with.

This was a truly revolutionary project that demonstrated how cool the MAC was back in 1995 and still continues to stay ahead of the pack today.