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historical projects - qvale mangusta

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  • website
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  • press pack
  • exhibition materials
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Qvale Mangusta : Global Marketing Campaign

Hand assembled vehicles don't come cheap and when you've built over 240 of them you suddenly realise you need to sell a few. Qvale were in a unique position having created a sensible muscle car designed by Italians and built with over 2,000 main components manufactured around the globe.

Not everyone was familiar with the "Qvale" brand or the fine sports car they had created mainly attributed to minor bursts of periodic communication. Our task was to create awareness and assist with the launch of the right hand drive version at the NEC Motor Show.

We had four months to create a global marketing message using all of the available channels including web, CD-Rom and printed literature.

We drafted in the assistance of Top Gears James May to write the copy and create the foundations on which to build the Qvale Campaign.

Four months later and terrabytes of digital images and video we'd captured from Italy and San Francisco, we were able to unveil a seamless set of communication tools fit for this Italian new kid on the block.