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historical projects - nike town

what we delivered

  • strategy and planning
  • content creation
  • user interface design
  • interactive programming
  • packaging
  • brochures - dual language

Nike Town : Interactive Press Pack

NikeTown Stores were already a great success across all of the United States and their popularity as a brand was growing globally. The time had come for Nike to launch NikeTown in two major capitals in Europe.

NikeTown London and Berlin were the first flagship stores to be launched in Europe. In order to create awareness with the press and other media outlets Nike chose to use us to create an interactive "Press Pack" that would impart the true Nike brand and how they would bring the NikeTown experience to Europe.

The Press Pack was designed to demonstrate Nike's passion for excellence, incorporating some of their own brand ethics, great video and a series of commercials promoting the NikeTown experience within Europe. All of the content was housed within a slick interactive interface that reflected the architectural design of NikeTown London.

The final result was a CD-Rom housed in rubber and covered with a fluted black sleeve with simple die cut hole to reveal the Nike logo. The CD-Rom was supported by a multi lingual 16 page, six colour square brochure.