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Andersen Consulting : FutureChem

Can you create a televisual application that looks like Star Gate and runs on a laptop capable of running full screen full motion video. In 2011 this wouldn't be an issue, back in 1997 this was unheard of.

FutureChem was the brain child of Andersen Consulting's Chemicals Practice division. They required a presentation tool kit that not only had wow factor but was capable of being easily populated with business scenarios generated by a content management system, also part of the solution.

You will be forgiven for thinking it's a computer game, not really surprising as we commissioned some of the finest 3D animators to construct and animate various scenes that could be randomly played to describe particular business scenarios chosen by the Senior Consultant though the CMS.

The prototype was flown to New York on Concord for it's premiere viewing to Senior Consultants ready to embrace it's unique features and begin the quest to present a multitude of business scenarios to CEO's across Europe.