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Online Marketing

Online marketing or digital marketing essentially is a process or set of services that help to promote your business online. By using targeted, well defined activities such as Social Network Marketing, Pay Per Click and online PR, this integrated approach to create awareness can be very powerful and persuasive.

A business will need a set of well defined objectives and a clear road map established before embarking on this 'push and pull' ride. It's not just a case of throwing a lot of cash at what might be considered as the next 'best thing' in online marketing, it's more like viewing stocks and shares and keeping a keen eye on the statistics.

Our pragmatic approach enables us to advise our customers on how to maximise their spend on performance related results. It's not an instant process and patience is the name of the game. Once all of the ingredients have been added to the online mix and regular monitoring of the results has been scrutinised we can then map out the next phases of activity.

Our Online Marketing Services

> Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
> Email marketing
> Campaign and creative
> Data management, segmentation and profiling
> SMS and MMS marketing
> Evaluation and reporting