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Digital Photography and Video

The digital image, whether it's still or moving is now very much part of our everyday life. YouTube, FaceBook and Flickr are great examples of online platforms to promote yourself visually as an individual or company. Digital technology has opened up the creativity within us and continues to stimulate innovative results across most business sectors.

We encourage our customers to use digital photography and video to help them promote an idea, explain a mundane subject in a more engaging way and empower them to contribute to the final solution. The iPhone for example can take a reasonable image and the video results can be used for parts of a video production if utilised in the right way.

The knowledge we have gained over the years has enabled us to embrace this technology and incorporate it into many video and photographic solutions we have delivered for our customers. In some instances we have combined expensive video production techniques with less expensive digital desktop video techniques without compromising the overall quality.

Video can be very engaging and persuasive if it's prepared and delivered correctly. In most cases a video can be repurposed across most delivery platforms from the internet to corporate presentations to hand held devices and you'll be surprised how inexpensive a video production can be.

We keep up with the latest digital video and photographic technology and production techniques. This helps us maintain the best quality and value to our customers.