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Established since 1995 to help companies manage their communications across existing and emerging channels. We create great solutions that are impactful, interesting and cost effective without complications.

about 33hz

We have worked in the digital industry since 1995 and have seen, and contributed to the way the Internet has changed our business and personal lives.

We believe the next five years will bring more possibilities for interaction and engagement, that new technologies will bring business and social communities even closer together. If the last decade is anything to go by there will be ever more powerful computing networks delivering a startling array of services to anyone, pretty much anywhere, at any time.

33Hz are excited by the possibilities that technology can provide and is focused on the challenge of helping clients to develop strategies that will help them build closer ties with their clients, through meaningful and effective communication across multiple channels.

The next five years may be the golden age of mass modern communication where human interaction can take place on a massive scale and where ideas can be turned into action, for the great benefit of some, if not all of us.

We're pretty sure that this will keep us inspired, engaged and occupied in the years to come.

Although we offer a range of services that are part of most Digital Agency's tool kit the most fundamental piece of advice we can offer is that your content is the most important part of any online or offline offering. We create great content.